While other little girls were playing with Barbie dolls, I was designing fonts and print ads. Its true, I probably never quite fit in, but thats often how it is with creative types.


Ok, so that's not actually where it started. It began in San Francisco, where I was born. And I can probably credit a rather bohemian upbringing to help foster my creative spirit. But I'm not just a small town girl, I've lived in many other parts: Boston, Paris, Denmark, Scotland and Hawaii to name a few. These experiences have greatly influenced who I am today as a creative professional. 


I've done work in a broad range of industries and mediums during my 20+ year tenure as a creative. All different, but each has had something to teach and has enriched me as a professional. My career path has been relatively straightforward. Shortly after my acceptance as a chemistry major at USF, I realized that my passions were in creating visual design solutions rather than chemical ones. I then moved to Maryland to study visual communications and graphic design at MICA. After graduation, I went on to work at a small firm in Boston, primarily doing publication design and collateral for some boutique cycling companies. In the mid-90s I moved back to to the Bay Area just in time for the dot com boom and annual report heyday. I was fortunate enough to work with a couple of small studios doing high end, conceptual collateral (annual reports), and witnessed the boom first hand. As the economy grew, I decided to start a studio of my own, servicing emerging technology companies. Since then, I've done extensive branding work for tech startups and more established technology brands. 



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(It's a word, I promise.) I started two lifestyle brands in the mid to late 2000s. You can read more about the first one here, and my second endeavor here. They were amazing experiences, and I learned a lot about starting a business up first hand. I also learned that I want co-founders the next time. 


Travel has been in my blood since I was the womb, quite literally. My parents met working for United Airlines and rumor has it I was conceived somewhere in South America. A creative at heart, I am always working on something— whether it be in design, photography, or fashion. I'm also passionate about independent film and music, and health and fitness are simply a way of life for me.


I've moved my focus to Product Design/UX/UI, and am currently looking forward to joining a team (or co-founding), so I can focus on building great experiences and an epic brand from the inside out. Interested? Hit me up!

Maja has always been a pleasure to work with. She's consistently delivered outstanding design, and has always demonstrated a preoccupation for assuring the quality of the end-product. Her attentive, easy-going nature has also made her an ideal collaborator on complex projects with difficult deadlines. She's been a tremendous resource to our team for years now, and we always looking forward to the next time we can include her in projects.   
— Alain Bolduc, Autodesk


Unlike many designers, Maja grasps the entire project, spanning the product management, overall vision, design as well contributing to the accompanying text. This is a rare combination of skills that leads to great results. 
— Matthew Quint, B2B PR/AR

Want to get in touch?
Say hello! I’m based in Paris and the San Francisco Bay Area. You can connect with me via email or ring me at +1 (510) 499-4015

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