Technologie solaire, redynamisée

Près de dix ans après la technologie pionnière du micro-onduleur pour l'énergie solaire, il était temps pour la marque Enphase de refléter sa position de leader de l'innovation solaire. J'ai travaillé avec l'équipe interne d'Enphase pour faire évoluer la marque sur une période de 3 ans.

Enphase Energy

Associate Creative Director, Designer

Technology, Clean Tech

2015- Best Energy Website Redesign
Web Marketing Association

Logo, Website, Business System, Color Palette, Image System, Collateral, Identity, Typefaces, Brand Standards, Displays



Enphase pioneered solar microinverter technology in 2006. Today, Enphase manufacters components and develops software driven home energy solutions that span solar generation, energy storage and web-based monitoring. Enphase currently has 500+ employees and serves 21 markets worldwide. 

The Challenge

A transition away from commercial solar into residential projects necessitated a revised brand which worked for both installer and homeowner demographics.


After research, competitive analysis, and feedback from stakeholders, I developed moodboards for the project. I looked closely at consumer driven home and cleantech brands rather than the B2B solar market which we had referred to before. The goal was thus to create an approachable and consumer friendly brand that gave more focus on the homeowner and residential market. 

The initial brand elements were the logo, business system and website, which coordinated with a product launch. The typography, color palette, and visual language were developed in tandem. The site was designed in house and developed externally using Drupal CMS. The website was later localized to Enphase's 21 markets worldwide.  

Additional applications included the collateral system, signage, tradeshow and displays as well as email blast templates. The clean open design was maintained throughout.


Feedback to the new design has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to analytics, there has been clear evidence that the redesign has contributed to more traffic and click through rates.